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Pre-planning Your Immigration Case

In this week's blog, let's focus on laying the ground work for an extraordinary-ability or national-interest waiver case filing.  How can you pre-plan and position yourself to maximize your chances for a successful outcome?  Here are some tips: 1. My first request from clients is usu...


The Top Ten Things I Hate About My Job

In reading my blogs, I notice that I have written about all the wonderful things I do, the great people I work with and the absolute satisfaction my profession brings into my life.  Yet, even I, little Miss Positivity, have my dark days and I’ve decided to put lay it all out in the open....

Reineke Pohlhaus

Your salary: $82K. Oh, wait, you’re a woman?

According to NatureJobs first ever salary and career stage survey, the average male salary is about $82,000 and the average female salary is about $70,000.


On social networks (yet)?

… or not on them? In fact, all of us are members of social networks. We have circles of friends and acquaintances, and we interact with professional colleagues and associates every day. That's true whether you are a basic or medical researcher, a physician or other healthcare provider, medical wri...


4 Tips for Negotiating Salary During a Recession

Salary negotiations can be the most stressful part of the entire interview process for candidates.  Ask for too much and they may reconsider their offer; ask too little and you damage your own pocketbook.  And once you’ve given up a number, you can’t go back.  It’s important to ...

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The Kitchen Wars - At Work

As I write this, dishes are piled high in the sink, almost falling on the floor, but I refuse to clean up the mess. I am mad enough to spit… yes, spit! Lazy husband? No. Distracted kids? No. Dysfunctional work-place family? In the wise words of Samuel L. Jackson — “Oh, hell yeah!” At w...

Reineke Pohlhaus

Money Isn’t Everything

In my last post, I wrote about the NatureJobs salary survey, and how North American women had slightly higher salaries than men at two years post degree, but lower salaries than men at all subsequent career stages.  I discussed a few reasons that could explain this data, such as taking time off...



  Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


Fear Is Funny

Fear is funny because it makes people do strange things.  It is strange to not pursue one’s ultimate goal in life.  It is odd to spend one’s time performing a job that yields no satisfaction.  Only a funny thing such as fear could result in such absurdity.  The most ironic as...


Be Sure to Bring All Three (3) of YOU to the Resume and Interview!

Yes, there are at least three of YOU that should be manifest on the resume and expressed during the interview.  We often forget that we as individuals play many different social roles in our lives. We often forget that a potential employer does not hire us, but rather the people working for ...