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Reineke Pohlhaus

Trends in Federal Funding for R&D

At the recent AAAS Science & Technology Policy Forum, Patrick Clemins, Director of the AAAS R&D Budget and Policy Program, discussed R&D in the FY2012 Government budget.  He opened with the interesting observation that the most popular news items in last month’s Washington Post we...

Reineke Pohlhaus

What does the Census have to do with Public Policy?

Robert Groves, Director of the US Census Bureau recently spoke at the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Forum, on the demographic patterns that drive public policy decisions.  It was a great presentation with lots of figures.  He had five main points: 1. US population growth rate is de...


Applying for Positions at Academic Institutions (Part 2)

In Part 1, David Rasko, PhD, shared his tips for post-docs who are looking for a research position at an academic institution.  David is an Assistant Professor, Microbiology & Immunology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and a scientist at the Institute for Genome Sciences, ...


How to Calm Your Job Interview Nerves

Has your upcoming job interview turned you into a bundle of nerves?  It’s no wonder.  You’re on the spot and it’s make-or-break time.   The good news is that you can relax, be calm, and still have a fantastic interview with the tips I’m going to give you in the video below:


Virtual Job Fairs – Pros and Cons

The topic of this posting concerns virtual job fairs. I must admit though that my previous experience with job fairs has been primarily to feign interest in employment just long enough to get a cool Frisbee, thermos or bottle-opener from a company advertising themselves with these items. Having neve...


A new way to find a job? The Bio Careers Virtual Job Summit

After a nice workout, I like to eat breakfast in front of my computer and read the Bio Careers blogs.  Two blogs caught my attention this week.  The first one, by Wenny Lyn,  “Scientists and social media” discussed how scientists may not be comfortable with innovative tools for co...


BLOG: Boosting, bragging, boasting or baloney: How do you talk about yourself?

You travel to another city for a day of interviews.  Often, you will be parked in a room, and a parade of people rotates through.  HR, your direct report, people above you in the hierarchy and people below.  Lab people, lawyer people, likeable people, and some not so much.   And ...


What’s your elevator conversation?

“Mandy, I still remember the first time we got to know each other,” my friend said during a four-hour road trip a couple of weeks ago.  “We were riding a bus to New York City, and I really wanted to get to know you and to understand what you work on, but all I could figure out was that th...


The Fine Art of Being Mentored (Part 2)

Finding good mentoring relationships is such an important part of career success, I’m continuing to examine this topic by interviewing another of our faculty at the Institute for Genome Sciences.


Reality and Actuality

Has anybody thought that reality and actuality is not always the same? There may not be many people like those in Reality TV shows, but has anybody thought about its actuality? I will use GAMBLING as an example to discuss reality and actuality.Do scientists gamble? Many scientists would say: “No, ...