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Thomas Patrick

The most wonderful time of the year?

Hello everyone!As I write this, the thanksgiving holiday was a few days ago.. I hope you all enjoyed yours, mine was a blast. As usual, I ate too much, but that is what holidays are for, right?Do you know what else the holidays are good for? JOB SEARCH. That’s what they are good for. I’ll get to...


The job search – resources for the search part 2

In my previous entry, I talked about the resources I used during my job search and how, for me, sites like Bio Careers® and places targeted to my discipline (a branch of structural biology) yielded better results than all encompassing sites like Monster or Career Builder.


The Responsibility of Employing Others

When I moved into my administrative role, one of the first things I needed to do was hire a teaching assistant for the summer.  It hadn’t occurred to me that I would play a significant role in the process as other than briefly meeting interviewees I had never previously been involved.  T...

Thomas Patrick

The biggest myth of job search

Hello everyone!There is one piece of conventional job search wisdom that I hear constantly that drives me crazy, especially when it comes from “job search professionals” who should know better.Specifically, I am talking about the conventional wisdom that says: in job search, “you gotta sell yo...

Thomas Patrick

Actors do it, so should you

This week I would like to talk about some very effective things that will help you do better when talking to people during your job search: Preparation and RehearsalPreparation is simply thinking ahead….thinking of how you can answer questions such as “why have you been looking for work thi...


Will “reshoring” = restoring jobs in the USA?

It’s the same old song---contaminated drugs from China.  The news was reported by Laurie Burkitt in the Wall Street Journal  on April 17, 2012.  Chinese authorities halted the sale of 13 drugs, because the gelatin capsules used in manufacturing were found to have high levels of the ...


Bench vs Bedside: Arrowsmith Revisited

In 1925, Sinclair Lewis published Arrowsmith (a novel for which he later won a Pulitzer Prize), the story of a young medical researcher.  Martin Arrowsmith, the protagonist, served as a role model for scores of medical students intent on devoting their lives to medical science.  The portra...


Public Health or Corporate Wealth?

I am sitting in an auditorium at Georgetown University attending a symposium on the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on scientific publications and continuing medical education.  This is a decidedly hostile crowd.  The crusaders are all here, including Arnold Relman, MD, professor ...

Lauren Celano


What consulting firms look for in a candidate: How to transition from your Ph.D./postdoc into consulting?

Consulting firms provide Ph.D. and post-doctoral fellows with a wonderful opportunity to apply their scientific, analytical, and problem solving skills to solve real world problems.  Individuals hired as consultants obtain exposure to many different aspects of business which can greatly acceler...


Got a Plan?

If you read my previous post  you know I’m a big fan of plans and being flexible about them too.  As I see many  trainees prioritizing another experiment over spending an hour to plan for their career, I thought of writing a post about how  to create your plan instead of waitin...