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Innovation Is Also the Key for Your Career Success In a Post-recession World in the Industry -The 7 Innovation Secrets of Steve

Innovation is a fundamental skill for a PhD, an important part of being a good technician and helping the PhD to design experiments that yield precise results.  In order to get a PhD degree, however, one has to have new ideas and new findings in a specific field. Yes, we know how to analyze, an...



Academics to Business – The Tough Transition

Over the next few months, my colleagues and I are going to be writing about the transition from being an academic scientist to working in the commercial sector.  In some cases, we'll talk about it from the standpoint of a postdoc looking for their first  position in the commercial sector a...



The Importance of Understanding the Human Workflows

What is the Human Workflow?  It is my passion. It is the process by which actual users-- real humans want or need to function in order to get certain tasks done.  And it is one of the most ignored concepts in the business world-- whether in product development, sales, customer support-- wh...



The Summit or How to Develop the Courage to Think BIG

This blog is about thinking BIG.   I hosted “The Summit” and you might ask, what is the Summit? The Summit was my BIG thought.  Let me explain…Last year I got involved in one of those “Corporate feel good” teams, tasked with the job of bringing innovation into our corporate ...



Drug Discovery, Research and Development

I was at dinner with a former colleague, discussing new business opportunities.  During the course of the conversation, it became apparent that the complexities of drug research and development are not understood in many quarters.  We were discussing a new potential drug.  Without rev...



Life after PhD

My life after obtaining a Ph.D. has been one that’s filled with change and opportunities.  Since I graduated from the Neuroscience Program at the University of Michigan last summer, I have launched campus organizations, led my own entrepreneurial team in exciting projects, became a postdoctor...



What Kind of Doc Do You Want to Be…MD or PhD?

I came to a critical juncture in my career in 1969.  I was pre-med for the first three years of my undergrad studies at Tufts where the environment was toxic and cut throat. Though I never saw such things, it was rumored that students sabotaged each other’s experiments.  In physical chem...



The Great Wall

The Chinese people began to build the Great Wall of China in the 5th century BC. The great wall is for protecting the country from invasion, theft and plunder. Today, as we enter the globalized technical-oriented industrial/business world, protection like the Great Wall is still needed, even more es...



Pink Ribbon Bow in Marketing

Did you ever see a pink ribbon bow design on a T-shirt, stickers on the back of a car or on a pink balloon? Did you feel overwhelmed by this pink bow? Do you know what the pink bow stands for? Yes, it represents breast cancer awareness. Today, I am going to talk about the story of pink ribbon bow.



Can You Hear Me Now? Part 2

In a previous post, I mentioned a book, Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, that helped me get my voice heard and my actions respected. A reader asked me what I did exactly to “stand out and not be ignored anymore?” Since it has been eight years since I read the book, I could not remember ...